lundi 15 juin 2009

NYC 2009 is over, the blogspot also...

Good Bye America, Hello France!
It was already annoying to speak French...
Last moment in NYC, i'm bumped
I almost missed my flight because of this mexican dude!
Last Breakfast...
I'll miss this guy a lot!


samedi 13 juin 2009

This kid was the best skater of the day, congrats my men!
It's crazy to skate a roof!
Wallride session
Bs Noseblunt baby!
Rock'n Roll
Roof top 2009
It's almost the end of the trip, i'll miss NYC
One day skating in NYC
I was on Broadway and i was offered a Stella by those unknown men Galen and Danny! Appreciate
This thing has a dick...
Fast & Furious baby!!!

vendredi 12 juin 2009

My Breakfast menu
Yesterday was a great session at the Autumn mini ramp! There was many people and i was also surprised to see my team mate Chris Pfaner killing the mini ramp!
Joe is the smoothie master!
Raining day again... Let's go to KCDC Skateshop to practice some mini ramp. Yeah Joe!!
"Legends never die"
What a bad idea to put the bike just above my bed... never listen to drunk men...
Crab Time!

mercredi 10 juin 2009

Chinese afro?!
French food is in the place to be!
I found a real Bakery in Manhattan!
Iphone microphone...
Flatiron Building
Empire State Building
Phil broke her grand father cup, he was so sad this morning but he get her job!
Phil wants to thank the french guy who left a BECK'S in the fridge!
A little bit of skateboarding at the AUTUN BOWL before sleeping with Took!

On the basement there was the "Comedy Cellar" :
That was the best dinner i got in NYC, there was a million dishes on the table!
Represent at the restaurant!
Raining day...